responding to being in the world


to being in the world

from within

from within to without

TarkinE-in-Motion: Easter 2015, 2016 and 2017

artists making art in the service of protecting takayna/the Tarkine's unique Landscape features and AboriginAl heritage.

Rupert Point, takayna/the Tarkine (images Arwen Dyer)

An improvisation (after takayna/the Tarkine) with Andrei Nikulinsky bass, Andrea Breen viola

Rupert Point (image: Arwen Dyer, 2015)


Liberty is a radio work composed for the 50th celebration of Portugal's Carnation Revolution, broadcast on Sound Quality ABCRN January 2, 2015

Swift...requiem for birds! dying at coming to glass, crashing, falling, dying...

A piece composed for the dance/cross-arts performance about global warming: seasons & reasons, 2016. Image of phosphorescence (caused by warmer waters): Arwen Dyer


Moonscape: synthesiser and violin: composed for Celestial Listening (Sidespace Gallery Hobart, 2014)

Moonscape photographic image: Arwen Dyer