responding to being in the world


to being in the world

from within

from within to without

TarkinE-in-Motion: Easter 2015, 2016 and 2017

artists making art in the service of protecting takayna/the Tarkine's unique Landscape features and AboriginAl heritage.

Rupert Point, takayna/the Tarkine (images Arwen Dyer)

An improvisation (after takayna/the Tarkine) with Andrei Nikulinsky bass, Andrea Breen viola

Rupert Point (image: Arwen Dyer, 2015)

Liberty is a radio work composed for the 50th celebration of Portugal's Carnation Revolution, broadcast on Sound Quality ABCRN January 2, 2015

Swift...requiem for birds! dying at coming to glass, crashing, falling, dying...

Moonscape: synthesiser and violin: composed for Celestial Listening (Sidespace Gallery Hobart, 2014)

Moonscape photographic image: Arwen Dyer