A performance of hopeful whimsy and whimsical hopefulness

dancemusic is a lurch into sudden art! A joint gig by Tasmanian performance artist Andrea Breen and seasoned Brisbane improviser John Rohrig. In dancemusic they’ll create a milieu in which dance, sound and spoken text ricochet off fragments of, well, anything. Bit clown, part tragedy, snippet of song and all surprise!

The stuff jumped out of Andrea Breen’s urge to share creative processes that respond to existential themes, like being alone, feeling invisible, belonging and making (mucking) things up. She’s constructed a batch of fifteen soundings to form the ground (or roof) of the performance. Not much else is known. The work was first performed in Hobart in February (2015) and at the Adelaide Fringe with choreographer Glen Murray. dancemusic morphs to each new space and to each artists’ creative hunch.

dancemusic embraces the phenomenology of flummox and being and invites the audience into a whimsical, probable world that has as many interpretations (and misinterpretations) as there are witnesses.


Adelaide Fringe 2015 with Glen Murray
February 27/28, 2015, Pilgrim Church, Flinders Street, Adelaide

Brisbane with John Rohrig
Saturday July 18, 2015, Jugglers Art Space, Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

dancemusic CD/MP3 will be available on request.